Generally, how do car accidents kill people?


I’m assuming most of them has to do with neck/spine injuries, right?

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Depending on where the victim is…

A pedestrian struck by a car is either killed through internal bleeding or head trauma generally.

A driver or passenger usually either does from head trauma, internal bleeding, the severing of the spinal column resulting in brain suffocation, or if metal or glass is involved external blood loss or damage to the brain would do it.

I’d say in 99% of cases it involves a combination of large amount of force, and bodies not capable to withstand large amount of force.

It has to do with how quickly you’re decelerating. Imagine a head on collision of two cars at 50 mph. when they collide, they essentially instantly stop (ignoring crumple zones and other engineering safeties). Now if you’re in one car, that’s essentially like hitting an immovable wall at 100mph and then instantly stopping. There’s a lot of force behind that and it really can compress your body, damage internal organs (such has your brain), and bones (such as spine, skull). Obviously these are serious injuries.

To ad some perspective, accidentally walking into a wall head first hurts. you’re going pretty slow, lets say 3-5mph maybe? For every doubling of speed, it’s going to take 4 times as much force to stop you. now moving to that example of a net 100mph crash compared to a say 5mph bump into a wall,
that’s 400 TIMES more force to be stopped, assuming you’re of equal mass and the car instantly stops, leaving you to ram into it.