Global Polar Shift


I’ve been hearing talk about an incoming Polar shift being the cause of recent unstable weather conditions. This sounds like another “flat Earth”, “Y2K”, “2012” Scare…. Is a polar shift actually viable?

In: Physics

The Magnetic poles can shift yes. They have in the past and I believe are due to again soon. There is no indication that it will have any impact on weather/climate at all.

So viable yes, impactful/the cause no.

EDIT: I’m talking about the magnetic poles swapping, If you are talking about the rotational axis then that isn’t a thing. Also I am apparently wrong about it being due soon, which is fine cause again litte to no impact.

**Edit:** It’s important to distinguish between shifts in the [Earth’s rotational axis]( (which is what OP is referring to, I believe) and geomagnetic reversals, which are very different (but neither imminent nor catastrophic either).

Simply put, no, it isn’t. There is overwhelming geological evidence that the fundamental frequencies and amplitudes that underlie the periodic variations in the Earth’s orbit have only varied very slightly over the past few hundred million years (indeed, this is the basis of [cyclostratigraphy]( and there is no evidence whatsoever for any sudden catastrophic shift in the Earth’s rotation axis. It’s simply impossible for a rapid change in the Earth’s rotation axis to occur without some external cataclysmic event such as an enormous meteorite impact. Surface processes such as weather are certainly incapable of having any significant impact. You may have heard of studies showing that processes such as earthquakes or melting ice sheets resulting in slight changes to the length of a day or the Earth’s tilt, but these changes are absolutely miniscule and have zero practical impact on humans.