Honda gearbox gives me 5/6 reverse gears


Hey I’m just throwing dumb ideas around in my head for a custom project car and had heard that Honda uses motors that spin the opposite direction to standard which made me wonder. If I were to use a AWD Honda gearbox to create a rear engined car would that flip the drive direction.
Also the same question but for a standard gearbox and a Honda motor

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense I’m getting ready for bed but can’t sleep due to this XD

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Sure, that could happen. It wouldn’t be a good idea, going fast backwards isn’t stable, high steering gain on @ear wheels = unsafe. Please don’t do that.

Cars are designed to be stable going forward at fast speeds, the other way they become unstable. If you wanted to do that, which would be possible, you would want to change a lot of other things too (steering for example, it matters a lot if your front or rear wheels are turning). While technically possible, a lot of things can just fail because they weren’t constructed for fast backwards movement. Some cars for example have their brakes in such a way that the breaks get “pulled” on. If you suddenly “push” instead with a great force and they aren’t designed for it, they’d at best fail and break, at worst tear up everything around them.

Flip the differential upside down—so the side that used to drive the right wheel now drives the left—and the wheels will turn the other way. In the case of AWD you have two diffs to flip, or you have to flip the centre diff. Normally this would be impractical but, on the scale of the changes you’re talking about, it could work.

Old Honda engines ran backwards compared to most other engines. The newer stuff runs the standard direction.