How a chicken can stabilize their head and why ?


How a chicken can stabilize their head and why ?

In: Biology

Chicken have very big eyes compared to their relatively small skull. The size and shape of the eyes means that can’t turn their eyes like we do.

As a human you can keep you skull pointed in one direction and move your eyes to point them to another.

Chicken and other birds need to turn their whole head if they want to look at something.

This is one part of the puzzle.

The second issue is that our eyes don’t really work well when we are changing what we look at. Our brain sort of covers this lack of sight up quite cleverly, but still there is a definite need to keep our eyes pointed in the same direction, to keep from constantly going blind monetarily.

in humans this is worked around by ensuring that our eyes move in counterpoint to the rest of our body to make up for that.

Chicken can’t move their eyes like that and instead of moving their eyeballs like we do they move their entire head.

It is the same mechanism we have only instead of applying it to automatically moving our eyes as we move our head and body around, chicken and other birds have an automatism that moves their head.