How are different frequencies used simultaniously


right now I am learning for my data communication exam and of course the topic of different frequencies for different technologies has come(3G 4G LTE etc.). How come there are no interferences? This really bugs me. Soryy for my bad english I am not a native speaker

In: Physics

Think about sound waves. Imagine there are two frequencies sounding simultaneously, for example 80 hz (really low note) and 1300 hz (really high note). Although there are two notes played at the same time, you can tell there are two of them. Now imagine that each of these notes weren’t just sustaining but playing different simple rhythms. Now if you focused your hearing on one of those frequencies you could tell and maybe even repeat the rhythm it’s playing. And just like that you’re able to receive information transmitted to you based on frequency, even though there are multiple sounding at the same time.

Now that’s human hearing, which is not as powerful in decoding this sort of information. Computers’ hearing is much more focused and can pick up certain frequencies more easily.

There is a device called a ‘filter circuit’ that is specific to a very small band of frequency that only your phone can be on.