how are electric vehicles better for the environment…


how are electric vehicles better for the environment when they pollute so much to make and still have to have the power created by polluting, and they pollute majorly when the massive battery has to be disposed of? I know it sounds loaded but I recently had my other big objection explained away by one of these and so want to revisit this.

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They’re not particularly worse to produce than any other car. Keep in mind that cars already have pretty big batteries to begin with.

The power they use can pollute if it’s made with non-green sources (as a lot of power is). But power plants are considerably more efficient than car engines at capturing that power (a quick economic proof: if they weren’t, charging your car would be more expensive than buying gas for it). Power plants also have sophisticated equipment to capture a lot of the worst pollutants, but that equipment would be quite expensive and heavy to tack onto a car. That means less pollution per mile driven. And of course that power often *can* be pulled from renewable sources where they’re available.

the energy needed to power an electric vehicle comes from a plant which can deal with biproduct/pollutants much better than just spiting it out the back of your moving vehicle


ideally that power comes from wind, solar or hydro, even nuclear

The best thing you can do for the environment is to keep the car you have, regardless of what it runs on. Apples to apples electric cars are currently only slightly better for the environment. However, if there is a bigger push for them, technologies will improve etc etc. So, if you are in a position where you need a new car, electric is better for the environment long term.

Electric cars do create more carbon emissions when they are being produced than a gas car. But electric cars pollute less when you drive them and the difference is made up within a few years and the reduction is enough that Electric cars reduce emissions overall. Electric cars run off the electric grid…so how efficient they are is tied to the grid. Places that use more coal and fossil fuels to make electricity leads to electric cars being less efficient than if they are charged on a more renewable energy grid. But either ways, even electricity from a coal fired power plant is more efficient and controllable than millions of individual gasoline engines. Having one giant power plant is easier to make efficient than all those individual polluting engines.

I’m not an engineer, so I’m not going to comment on the mechanics. But I can comment from an economic perspective.

Whether we’re there or not, we have, or eventually will have, the capability of generating clean renewable energy. But companies, especially in the US, will not invest in risky R&D and product development without a market force. By purchasing EV’s, solar panels, wind power, and other green technologies, you (the consumer) signal to organizations there is a market. As the market segment grows, so does production. With increased production comes better more efficient technology and economies of scale. Eventually EV’s will be cleaner and better even from a lifecycle perspective.