How are music videos edited to make the artist appear like they are singing in slow motion when the song is playing at normal speed?


Example: Yellow by Coldplay

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Music videos are lip-synching. They song is played and the artist sings along. To get this slow mo effect, the music is played back at a higher speed. Then when the video is matched to the normal speed of the music, the motion appears slow, but the lips are moving at the speed of the song, now playing back at normal speed. Some artists do this in reverse too, with the music playback speed super slow, so they look like they’re moving frenetically fast.

One way to do it is to play the song at a fast speed on set. They lip sync to the sped up audio. The when you playback at normal speed, they’re moving slowly.

Just to add. Music videos are 99.9% of the time the exact same song audio as on the album. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but basically you record one version and that’s the one that used everywhere. Anytime you see someone singing on a music video that’s just video, the audio is just the same song they recorded in the studio, laid over whatever they want to put on screen, even faking that they are singing the song

The short of it is the “music video” is a video made to play behind the music they already recorded. It’s the video, not music. The music was already made.

There’s a chance that Chris Martin was just singing it slowly. He sang The Scientist backwards for the music video to that song