How are sociopaths bred from trauma? Is it the brain’s way of coping?


How are sociopaths bred from trauma? Is it the brain’s way of coping?

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There are many reasons why someone would develop sociopathic behaviour, one of them is trauma. There are studies that shows that brain structures **might** be responsible for the lack of empathy. It could be similar to a way of comprehending the world and interpreting it’s stimuli, due to genetic or environmental reasons.

It isn’t a consensus amongst the psychological techniques or biological analysis yet of the reasons. Some may develop after a lack of emotional bonding as a infant, others as experiencing violence in their phases. Others, that also may be categorized as a sociopath, could’ve just *snapped* and be interpreted as a person suffering from the disorder.

There is a genetic component to sociopathic or psychopathic behavior.

However, [violence toward children is the worst thing that can happen]( to a child, even to “normal” children without a genetic code that predisposes them towards violence. Violence will fuck up kids, even just light spanking. 50% of kids get spanked at least 3 times per week. Could you imagine beating your wife or husband 3 times per week? Or anyone else? I had a good friend that worked with extremely troubled adolescent children – hardcore troubled, the worst of the worst. Has done it for a long time. He said that most become that way from a violent home life. That parents fuck there kids up and make them bad.


However, there is for sure a genetic component that makes people predisposed towards violence, and when you combine those people with violent parents – it is the worst you can get.

[Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski]( was a hit man that killed over 200 people. The link is him being interviewed by a psychiatrist. I set it to the part where the psychiatrist tells Kuklinski what he has learned about Kuklinski, and the difference between Kuklinski, and others that have his genetic traits, who actually do good in society.

It comes down to both genetics and upbringing. If you raise a person with a genetic disposition towards violence in love, then then most likely will turn out fine. But if you raise them in hate and abuse, they will most likely turn out “bad.” Kuklinski was one of the worst. His parents were violent and unloving.

Kuklinski had three siblings. His older brother Florian (1933–1941) died at the age of eight from injuries inflicted by his father during a violent beating. His other brother [Joseph]( in 1970 was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl and murdering her by throwing her off the top of a five-story building (along with her pet dog). When asked about his brother’s crimes, Kuklinski replied: “We come from the same father.”

I’ve read a lot about people who are violent, and it is almost uniform (never 100% though) that they came from horrible parents and violent and abusive upbringing. While it is true that not everyone from a violent family turns out a murderer or terrible criminal, the reverse is almost true – that violent criminals come from a violent house. And that there is a history of violence in the family going back generations, too. Genetic disposition.

[Here is a fantastic presentation]( on the genetic factors of psychopathic killers by University of California neuroscientist Jim Fallon, who is actually a psychopath himself, if you can believe it.