How are some food/drink formulas are a secret even at this level of technology we have?


Can’t we analyze everything even to its chemicals and how much is inside something? We have chemists and scientists, incredible measurement tools, etc.

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We can, but you try replicating coca cola and see how far yiu get before you’ve got an army of lawyers making more an hour than most of us do a year (hyperbole) down your throat.

The reason these things are still “secret” is no one wants their pants sued off.

Someone at coke tried selling Pepsi the secret recipe (or maybe vice versa) and the proceeded to call coke and turn the guy in. They didn’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

Just because you can get the chemical composition doesn’t mean you can market it. Even if you got all the ingredients right, you still can’t sell it as Coke.

Recipes/formulas are about more than what’s in them, it’s also how they’re prepared, what steps are taken to get the particular flavor.

It’s super easy to reverse engineer food and beverage given modern food science, and test equipment. Heck some of the original coca cola formulas are public.

What’s not easy is the marketing and branding associated with the food. Or the production/distribution/retail facilities. Part of drinking a coke is a red can with a special font and stripe and getting it even in the remote jungles of Africa. Can’t easily do that with Bob’s cola.