How can a wound infection get chronic?


I mean, I’m aware bacteria can get/be resistant to some or most antibiotics. I’m also aware they can make biofilm to protect themselves.

But I can only understand this if it was inside the body, in a hard to reach place.

But if it’s on your leg for example, why can’t you just put antibiotics or sanitizer (which basically works like an sledgehammer on bacteria. I can understand you can’t use this inside the body) directly on the wound or scrape into the wound until all the bacteria are off.

I might be missing something, so thanks in advance for explaining.

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What you describe….scraping into the wound is called debriding. Which would remove damaged tissue to expose healthy uninfected tissue. Washes with the cleansers you are describing and a combination of systemic antibiotics and you prevent the wound from becoming reinfected as it heals.

That said, to answer your questions even more simply. As you describe…

You can.