how can air temperature increse at midnight?


got curious just today. at 9PM it was 2°c but now at 0AM its 6°c and will keep rising way before sunrise. how can this happen without sun and absolutely no wind whatsoever. i guess its also possible temperature to drop when there’s sun around and this makes me even more scared

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The sun is only one source of temperature in weather. Another, often bigger part is weather systems; large pieces of air that travel across the land and have similar temperature, pressure, and humidity. This is what people are talking about when they talk about a “low pressure system” or “high pressure system” or even “tropical storm”.

Systems still move when the sun is down, so if a warm weather system arrives after midnight it can cause the increase in temperature you are seeing.

ELI5: Who uses “0AM” as a time designation? Never heard it before.