How can an IUD fall out


I had a copper IUD for a year or so, everytime I went to the doctor she said it is still correctly in place.
I ended up pregnant and they never found the IUD during the ultrasounds. The doctor said it fell out and that caused pregnancy since I didn’t have a contraception anymore.
How can it fall out if it’s “hooked” in the uterus?

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An IUD isn’t that big. it can be flushed down the toilet easily, if you don’t look. I know I didn’t even feel anything upon removal, as my uterus was so numb from the IUD, so I can see how wouldn’t feel anything while ‘bleeding’ the IUD out with like a normal period or whatever. Even if you do check every single stuff you bleed out, you might not see it from blood clots or tissue that covers the IUD.

I would def ask for them to forward the old ultrasound scan results to another specialist, just to see if they looked at the IUD properly after insertion. For me it turned out that my IUD had been perforating my tube from the very beginning, my doctor just didn’t tell me, not even with me begging every week for help with pain, etc, so I for one won’t be surprised if the just forgot to say it was malpositioned.

The copper IUD seems to do this often. My wife’s didn’t stay put, my friends didn’t stay put. I don’t know if it is the shape or what but I don’t think I trust them personally.

Anyway kids are cool. Hope you have a good experience with your pregnancy/baby.