How can they unscrew the fuse from a WW2 bomb that was rotting under the ground or in water for 80 years, when you may have to use brutal force, heat, etc to remove bolts from a 10-year-old car (and the bolt will snap anyway)?


I would expect that you wouldn’t be able to loosen anything on an old, rusty bomb, especially that it is so unstable and can go off anytime.

In: 1985

They don’t, they detonate them.

Most disposal teams will evacuate the area, pack it with explosives and sand bags, then detonate the bomb from a safe distance.

Some might be moved to a safer location to be detonated.

The people on the bomb have a large budget and extensive experience directly relating to getting in there without any issues.

Johnny down at the shop just needs to get the god damn bolt off so he can fix your POS and go home

As you say after 80 years there’s no way of dismantling it. The procedure is to pack earth around it and then detonate an explosion next to it to destroy any mechanism. This occasionally explodes the bomb like this one in Exeter.

Theres one method involving a Catherine wheel type affair powered by 2 opposing 12.7mm cartridges, the idea being that it removes it before the fuze has time to function.

Alternative methods to demolition include using specifically designed shape charges to penetrate the case to ‘burn out’ the explosive filling.

Not very eli5 sorry

Edit I think it may be 4 cartridges, cant fully remember, probably never been used in anger

The threads of theae things tend to be entirely protected by being inside the munition.

A cars bolt threads tend to be exposed to salty wet road shit so rust