How come some supplements cannot be absorbed into the body?


Why is it that we are meant to take vitamins and supplements but then they cannot be absorbed into the body, or have a bad reaction like causing bloating, gas, and/or other issues?

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Ideally we don’t get vitamins and minerals from supplements, but instead we get them from the food we eat. Supplements are intended to makeup for any deficiencies your diet may have. Often, supplements are made with cheaper ingredients that may technically contain the necessary compounds but not always in the most bioavailable from. Consumers don’t understand such nuances, and just look at the label to see the amounts/percentages the supplements contain.

A lot of commercial supplements (in the U.S.) are overloaded with the vitamins and minerals they contain. Significantly overloaded. Your body is only able to absorb so much of any given mineral/vitamin at a time. It can still absorb excess into the blood stream, but if your tissues/organs don’t need them then they will be filtered out by your kidneys. And you end up flushing them down the toilet.

Keep in mind, you aren’t “meant” to need to take vitamins/supplements. You are supposed to get them from your regular diet. Supplement pills are useful for covering dietary shortfalls. Marketing is used to convince people that there is benefit to excess consumption. If you have a healthy diet you shouldn’t need to take supplements (medical conditions/individual considerations are obviously exceptions).