How come when we are tired, we don’t feel it in our body. Once we lay down we feel everything?


How come when we are tired, we don’t feel it in our body. Once we lay down we feel everything?

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There could be many reasons for this. It could be that when we are tired, we are not as aware of our body and its needs. Once we lay down and relax, our body may be more able to send signals to our brain that it is tired and needs rest. It could also be that when we are standing or moving around, our body is using more energy to do so and is therefore less aware of how tired it actually is.

A reason could definitely be the body’s ability to push away/through pain, tiredness and bad things. Let’s say its a survival situation (its probably not but the brain acts as if it was). Is it better to fight through the situation and feel the pain and exhaustion all the time while you push through or is it better to complete the “life threatening” task first and then feel it afterwards?

Well evolution said it’s better to feel it after.

Over time this resulted in 2 modes for the body:

Fight or flight: in this mode the body ignores all stimulus from the body that aren’t important for immediate survival such as pain (to a degree), tiredness, missing sleep, hunger, arousal. Instead it increases heart rate and muscles strength

Rest and digest: i this mode the brain doesn’t ignore all the signals, instead it received and make you take conscious choices about the signals, like tending to wounds, sleep, recreation, social life and eating.

In modern life real fight or flight situations (as originally intended) doesn’t happen alot doe normal people. Instead stressfully jobs or loves has taken over. With the mental stress inducing a fight or flight mode throughout the entire day the important signals only gets noticed when you lie down to sleep.

A few reasons.. not all apply every time.
Your nervous system only processes so many things at once, when you’re resting… Less to process and youre able to “realize” all the little aches and pains.

Inflammation, or swelling redirection of blood/fluid changing pressure.

Your “mind” is more aware of things

Relaxing or preparing for sleep initiates rest, stops release of pain stopping/reduction.

Also, if you’re referring just to the sensation of feeling tired, that’s kinda just fatigue. It’s a natural reaction your body will have when ready for sleep.