How did Berlin work post WW2?


Berlin was quite far in to the Soviet controlled part of Germany, so to my understanding it was surrounded all around by East Germany, but yet they built a wall across the Middle to separate the city, but surely the whole city was surrounded by east Germany anyway, so how did that work? How did the US get to Berlin? How did West German Berlin citizines function?

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There were roads, railways and canals, or you could fly. If you wanted to get between West Germany and West Berlin you need to cross the border twice, show your passport and then drive between. You weren’t allowed off of the highway. You were searched to make sure you didn’t pick up East Germans. I think you were timed as well.

Between 24 June 1948 – 12 May 1949, all these routes were blockaded (except flying). So all food, goods, etc needed to be brought by air. 1500 flights a day to bring supplies.

Okay, so we’re gonna have to make a discourse into post-WW2 Germany here. Bear with me this might get a little bit longer.

Germany was occupied in 1945 and controlled by the 4 allied forces – UK, US, France and the USSR. For a while they got along until the USSR basically said *”fuck this”* and started doing their own thing. Thus, in 1949, East Germany was created. Berlin was split in half, with one part going to East Germany and the other part going to West Germany.

But already before that, starting in 1948, the USSR did a blockade on West Berlin, not allowing anything in or out. This lead the US to supply it by air. See [Raisin Bombers]( and [the Berlin blockade]( for that. This was a huge success and worked and there were enough supplies. So eventually the USSR gave up. For the most part after that West Berlin was supplied by rail and by truck convoys.

Fast forward: the East was poorer than than West and basically had worse conditions of living all around, That caused a lot of people to move from East Germany to West Germany. This included people living in East Berlin to work in West Berlin. This was very much to the discontent of the Soviet-backed East German dictatorship. And in 1961 they decided to just build a wall around West Berlin to separate it. What is known little is that the regular border between East and West Germany was also heavily guarded with walls, fences, automatic weapons, watch towers, and other terrible things. Moving obviously needed a permit which was rarely ever given out. Leaving people only with fleeing which was drastically complicated with such measures. People still tried and those who did were either killed or imprisoned as traitors.

Fast forward again: in 1989 the Berlin Wall was basically torn down and the borders opened. Some time after that East Germany became part of the West.

During all that time West Berlin citizens were regular citizens of West Germany. To my knowledge they weren’t exactly special. They had a few difficulties for sure but it was sovereign from the East and to my knowledge people there could live a pretty normal life.