How did Georgia become such a favorable place for the entertainment industry?


Over the past years, I have noticed an increasing amount of shows/movies filmed in the state of Georgia. CNN Center and The Weather Channel are also headquartered from the state’s capital, Atlanta.

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The state has one of if not the best tax credit laws / loopholes for filming industry. That means the filming industry businesses in Georgia are getting money from the government of Georgia.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing can be debated. But that is the simple answer.

CNN is there because Ted Turner’s TBS was based in Atlanta and he founded CNN.

The rise of filming in recent years is due to an active campaign by the state to attract filming through various tax incentives and benefits. Also, once a filming industry has been established, it helps draw others when there is already a base of crew and equipment available to hire/rent without having to bring in from far away.

Our state government has tax law to incentivize it and the state itself has a lot of different types of areas and pretty diverse topography so you can find a lot of different environments for filming as well without having to go all that far.

You can go from mountains to Foothills to Rolling Hills to plains to beach to Marshland all within 200 Mi of each other.

With the exception of Atlanta in the surrounding areas were also a relatively low cost State as well. Like for example in my area our gasoline never even hit $5 a gallon and it’s back under $4 a gallon now.

Same has been true, off and on, in Rhode Island. Of course they weren’t smart enough here to make a nice big logo to show at the end of every product made here. Be nice to see if that changes with Hocus Pocus 2. Not that I’d want to be known for the 1st or 2nd film of that franchise. The politicians were actually dumb enough to think they could get rid of the tax breaks and expect Hollywood to literally trek across the country here.