How did they treat disabilities and seizures, or even simple things like color blindness back in the old days?


I know doctors and medicines were invented after the great plague but before the plague hit or maybe the caveman era, what did they do?

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Probably couldn’t do much in the caveman era with little to no technology or medical studies. So I’m guessing they just let it happen since they just didn’t have the know how about any of that stuff yet

The brutal reality of it is we didn’t. We left them to fend for themself in most cases up until the 1800, arguably didn’t care much until after the first world war either really.

Unless you were extremely wealthy most of kids with disabilities never made it to adolescence for one reason or another.

In caveman era they couldn’t do anything more than noticing things like “this plant eases the fever” and “don’t move the broken limb for a long time and the bone will heal”. Ancient Egyptians had things like primitive tooth surgery (pluck out the defective tooth, drill holes in teeth nearby and use metal wire to fix a prosthetic tooth somewhat in place) and even cataract surgery (make a hole in the patient’s eye with a nail, destroy the non-transparent lens entirely, the patient will at least be somewhat able to see). However, overall state of medicine until and during the Middle Ages still stayed at a “sew broken and ripped things together, apply some natural thing that was rumored to help, pray that the patient survives” level. If you had seizures, you could either live with them or don’t live at all.

Doctors have existed in some form long before the plague. The Tudors had physicians that believed in the 4 humours, and treated illness with that believe.

Also your questions is very broad. It would depend on time and location you mean.

I’m sure at some points of history people with seizures, schizophrenia would have been persicuted as witches or possessed. In others they’d mostly be ignored or left on the streets as madmen and vagrants.

Some times are places would have just killed babies that were crippled. Others might have done what they could. Not specifically a disability but hermaphroditism was actually reverred in ancient Greece and there was even a minor deity for it.

Something simple like colour blindness or dyslexia would be ingored and those who had it would probably just be treated as simple.

I have no evidence for it but as a gut instinct I imagine cavemen would be altogether more sympathetic at do, what little they could to help.

People would have as many kids as they could back in the day because of high mortality. You didn’t do much because you couldn’t. You just had more kids and hope they lived to be older and be able to help around.