How do bullet proof windshields work?


Probably the same question would apply for bullet proof vests

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Bullet proof windshields are made up of very thin sheets of laminated glass, which gives it the ability to absorb the shockwave from the bullet, instead of shattering.

Bullet proof vests are typically made with pouches for ceramic discs, or made from kevlar which is a whole chemical process i hope someone else can help with.

Well first there’s no such thing as bullet proof, only bullet resistant.

Bullet resistant glass is made up of alternating layers of glass, which is brittle and shatters, and polycarbonate, which is more flexible and deforms. Each layer absorbs more of the bullet’s energy as it passes through, and eventually the bullet doesn’t have enough energy to pass through the next layer. Depending on how many layers there are, the glass can withstand different numbers of hits and different sized bullets with different energies. All bulletproof glass will fail eventually if it’s shot enough times. Bullet-resistant glass can be made to be one-way, so that you can shoot out of it normally, but shots fired into it will be blocked.

Ballistic vests can be made out of any number of materials. Some are just fabric with pockets in which you put steel, ceramic, or high-density polyethylene plates. Others are made up of high-density synthetic fibers like kevlar. The weaving of these fibers in the vest cause the bullet to deform on impact and this distributes the bullet’s energy across the vest rather than through it. Like bullet-resistant glass, there are different strengths of vests that can withstand different types of bullets, and after enough shots, the vest will be compromised and fail.

Bullet resistant glass is many, many layers of glass laid together to absorb the energy of the bullet, stopping it from penetrating into the vehicle (in theory).

Bulletproof vests do the same thing in a variety of different ways. Some have ceramic plates which shatter on impact, absorbing the energy and stopping the round. Others are layers upon layers of tightly woven Kevlar which again absorbs the energy.

They have multiple layers of glass with gel between the layers. The layers are meant to slow down the bullet and absorb the velocity. It is very thick and very heavy, often 2-3 inches thick.