How do charities & governments get resources to people in developing countries?


In third-world countries where people don’t have access to basic resources such as food or water, or even other services like schools & hospitals, how do organizations coordinate with people in those areas to get resources to them? Don’t most developing countries have some sort of government, even if corrupt, that you would have to work with in order to help their communities?

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Too often they don’t. But in general, they use the money to ship a number of people over and supplies and get them setting stuff up or teaching the locals how to. They typically make a deal with some supplier who is willing to cut a deal for publicity to save money (but not always). That said, a lot of the money often goes to paying for overhead (admin costs) and bribes to corrupt governments that they have to deal with.

Logistically, the UN or Red Cross have contingency plans for many of these nations.

They use contacts within the relevant governments and the nations military to move relief and for access to ports (air and sea)