How do county and city police departments decide who responds to what call when they have overlapping jurisdictions?


For example in my city we have Sacramento PD but we also have the Sacramento County Sheriffs and since the city of Sacramento is in Sac County how would those two agencies decide which one of them responds to calls in that area?

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If it’s inside the city limits the the city cops take care of it. If it’s outside the city limits but inside the county then the sheriff’s department takes care of it.

There can be exceptions, for example the county jail is run by the sheriff even if it’s in the city limits.

Generally speaking they don’t have overlapping jurisdictions. The city police would only have jurisdiction within the city limits, outside those boundaries the county sheriff would have authority

In general a sheriffs jurisdiction is everything within a county outside of city limits. They will assist city police if it is requested but functionally they do not ever have overlapping jurisdictions.

Assuming it’s similar to here in Chicago…

Chicago police or other suburban municipal police respond to anything that’s in that particular municipality’s jurisdiction. Cook Co. sheriffs’ main jobs are run the jails and courthouse security. They do also patrol unincorporated parts of the county that do not fall within jurisdiction of any municipal police. They may also assist in multi-jurisdiction cases.