How do different types of guns do different damages?


How do different types of guns do different damages?

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Different kind of guns fire different bullets at different speeds. A small bullet moving slowly does a lot less damage than a large bullet moving fast.

There re also specialty types of bullets for different jobs. A hollow point is designed for soft targets like animals, but will not do much of anything against armor or hard objects. Armor piercing bullets contain a small hardened penetrator that ill zip right through light armor, but won’t do a huge amount of damage to a soft target.

1. Guns shoot different bullet sizes. Bigger bullets do more damage.
2. Different guns shoot guns at different speeds. Faster bullets do more damage.
3. Different guns shoot different kinds of bullets. Some bullets are designed to pierce through walls, which means they also pierce through people and enter out the other side. Some bullets are designed to burst on impact, which means they enter people and then spread out inside the person. Bullets that break apart inside people do more damage than bullets that pass through.

Unless you’re hitting someone on the head with one, guns don’t do damage. It’s the bullets that do.

Different guns fire different bullets. Some bullets can be fired out of many different kinds of guns. Since bullets are fired by burning gunpowders and using the pressurized combustion gas to propel, different guns can fire the bullets at different speed, which makes then perform differently at different distances.

It’s all about energy and how much of that goes into the object. Energy is a function of mass and speed. Big heavy bullets traveling at high speed have a lot of energy. A BB gun has comparatively very little. If the bullet mushrooms and can impart all that energy into the subject, big damage happens. Apart from the hole, you have a shock wave effect, which is extremely damaging to surrounding matter. Projectile shape has a lot to do with that. A bullet which travels through an object, didn’t impart all its energy, and will be less damaging. This is why hunters match the bullet to game, to much or too little energy can both be bad.

Size and weight of the round fired and the velocity normally influence damage done combined with any special effects like an explosive round or special shape for penetration.