How do drink machines hold so much liquid?


You know the freestyle machines in fast food places? Where does all the liquid come from? Are there pipes underground that lead to big tanks of dozens of sodas? How do they have room for so many options? And also, how does the soda not go flat while its waiting to be picked?

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Syrup is mixed with water. So they only need to store the syrup. The water is just regular tap water

They are hooked up to giant bags of soda syrup that’s combined with carbonated water as the machine is used. That’s why when it tastes funny it’s due to the syrup bag being empty.

Look up home soda makers it’s close to what happens.

Water is taken from the local tap water, and the flavor/soda cartridges contain a very concentrated syrup. (Carbonated water is also generated from tap water, like any other soda fountain).

This may answer some of your questions… I found it interesting anyway. It’s the user manual for the Freestyle machine. On the diagram on page 4, you can see the interior of the machine, including where the flavor cartridges go. There’s also the section you *don’t* see that they put in the back, where they receive and carbonate the water for the machine.


There is a cabinet or shelf that holds bags of soda syrup in cardboard boxes. Tubes bring this syrup to the machine. There is also a big welding size bottle of CO2. The machine itself is hooked up to filtered tap water.