How do energy drinks give energy? Do they actually work ?


How do energy drinks give energy? Do they actually work ?

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They, aside from an absurd sugar content, are filled with caffeine. Much like coffee, energy drinks have a stimulating and energizing effect. They give you a boost of energy and ward off tiredness.

However, caffeine isn’t good for you in large doses or when you’re underdeveloped, as it puts some amount of stress on the heart and central nervous system. Energy drinks usually have a *lot* of caffeine, so while they do provide you with a boost of energy and can help you focus or stay awake, you should enjoy them in strict moderation.

They contain shit ton of sugar and it gives your brain a spark. Your brain runs on glucose and it fills your brain with glucose at an instant (if you drink it like a shot), so you get tired right after that spark fades and realize that you are more tired than you were before that drink. This is because of the instant spark with glucose, right after it finishes, your brain expects the glucose feed to continue as when you eat something like a fruit salad, your brain gets a sugar feed at an almost constant rate. With the energy drink, your brain gets an instant shot and it expects more, hence disappointed and tired at the end.

However, if you drink it by shaking at each sip and sipping it, it might give you the said energy as you’re like eating a meal. But, I’d suggest you to eat something slowly if there’s time. Because these kind of drinks usually include many preservatives that can accumulate and cause big troubles later in life.

Sleep is like pee. Eventually you have go to the bathroom once you’re full. Sleep builds up over time. Energy drinks makes the sleep holder expand. Sooner or later you’ll need to sleep but those drinks make you hold more

Caffeine acts as an adenosine-receptor antagonist. Which means, caffeine blocks adenosine (chemical that promotes sleep) therefore, you stay awake.