How do gear ranges work and what is their purpose?


to clarify, gears as in vehicle gears

I’m not asking why vehicles have gears in general, I’m asking why some have higher and lower ranges.

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What kind of gear is this?

Its not so much about power. What the higher number of gears achieves is closer ratios. So when pulling say 44tons you can change up gears without putting the engine below its working rev range. Remember that large commercial vehicles have a working range of only about 500-600 rpm as oppose to a petrol car that can work from 1000rpm to 7000 rpm. in most cases a truck is only working well between 900rpm and 1400rpm give or take. The range change and “splitter” or “overdrive” is a function of getting more gear ratios out of your transmission. Epicyclic gears at the front and rear of the gearbox with different ratios turn a 4 gate or 4 speed gearbox into a 16 speed. 4 low 4 high and overdrive on every gear. And a byproduct of this is 4 reverse speeds also. 🙂