How do humans not die when they’re in space/0 gravity environment


How do humans not die when they’re in space/0 gravity environment

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Because gravity isn’t what’s keeping the molecules of our body attached to each other

It’s the intermolecular forces of attraction between these molecules.(which are stronger forces of attraction than gravity might i add)

Our body functions don’t rely on gravity to work. Blood flows through our body using pressure from the heart, the lungs operate using negative pressure created by the diaphragm, and our digestive system works using muscles.

The lack of gravity does have adverse affects on our muscles, causing them to atrophy from lack of use. That’s why astronauts need to work out for two hours every day, to avoid losing muscle mass.

They do, if they’re exposed in space. If you mean from just being in microgravity, there’s a host of side effects, including:

– bone density decreases steadily (risk of kidney stones, fractures, etc.)
– muscles deteriorate no matter how much you exercise
– Neuromuscular coordination deteriorates (balance, vision, orientation)
– blood pressures goes wonky when you return
– anemia and immunodeficiency
– increased intracranial pressure affects eyesight
– and the radiation of course

At the end of the day though, day to day functions of the human body don’t need gravity to function, so while space isn’t good for you, the basics you need to survive will keep humming along. Albeit worse for wear in some cases.

Why would we? None of our essential bodily functions require gravity to work, at least not in the short term. Long-term exposure to zero-g has a number of negative health consequences, but you certainly aren’t going to just die.