How do icecream trucks dip the soft serve cones in toppings without losing the soft serve in the bowl?


It just seems crazy to invert a heavier mass into a friction and not lose it in there but they seem to pull out the chocolate dipped soft serve in its cone every time!

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The ice cream holds pretty well to the cone if it’s put on there properly.

The softserve should be hard enough that you can put a little pressure against it and it’ll smoosh itself onto the rim of the cone and stick.

Next, you have to turn and dip the cone quickly. It shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds. Twist, dip, take it out and let the excess drain for another second or two, then flip it back around.

The chocolate it’s dipped into is also special chocolate that isn’t actually all that hot and goes solid really quickly. It’s similar to what they put in Zero bars and Icy Squares.