How do LEOs get judges to issue warrants at random times at night?


How can a judge issue warrants after hours/sundays?

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Don’t know about your country but here in germany there are “emergency judges” available 24/7 just like pharmacies or doctors. They take turns on who does the nightshift of their district. The most important reason are cases where the police needs to detain someone quickly for safety reasons.

There’s always an on-call judge.

The LEO calls / texts / emails the judge, the judge looks at the e-warrant and signs off. There are reports on how it can take less than a minute to get a warrant.

thank you and wow ! i love the description. USA here

The same around here in Belgium. For every judicial district there is always a “Investigative judge” on call for urgent cases. Nasty job that by the way, their on-call periods tend to be an entire week in one go. So for an entire week outside of normal office hours, it’s always the same person who is responsible for things such as warrants at the weirdest times and moments.

[Call it in.]( Telephonic search warrant is the term.
Provide the relevant info over the phone, and answer the relevant questions. Different jurisdictions and offices will have differing setups for things like duty schedules for who fields the after hours calls, but it’s all just calling it in.