How do movies ask for “ugly” actors?


Or things seen as “negative” otherwise, like specific disabilities (eg. achondroplasia)

I see a lot of ways it could sound offensive. How do they ask for them to audition? Surely they don’t put it bluntly like “need blonde, ugly man.”

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Professional actors know whether they are attractive.

The casting calls may use less blunt words, such as “unattractive” or “unusual looking”.

They often use things like “unconventional appearance” or “distinct and unusual looks” which actors know is code for “ugly.” The actors are okay with this, because it’s a job.

According to my friend who’s currently chatting with a casting team on the set he’s working on rn

>”“Looking for different faces that stand out” or “unusual character faces” or even straight up “ugly fat guy”

>”Character” is the code word though I guess”

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Casting agencies do a sort people on features like this. So a movie producer can ask casting agencies for people with the negative traits he wants and get stacks of portfolios already prepared for this. And they know where to look for more, for example Facebook groups, clubs or even medical facilities. They do publish casting calls including negative traits. It is not insensitive because they do not look at them as negative, they are traits they want for this movie. It could be insensitive to recommend people for these auctions though depending on the person.

You would not often see “need blonde, ugly man” announced because you can easily dye someones hair and use makeup and prosthetics to make them ugly. Even the last criteria can easily be faked. However it is very common for casting calls for disfigured, dismembered, dwarfs, etc. This makes it much easier for the special effects teams. You kind of know that a movie will have a gruesome battle scene when they send out calls for dismembered extras. I do recommend you find the casting calls for Game of Thrones which had a ton of these special requirements. Even criteria such as “irish looking” was sent out.

It’s not like it would be a bad thing to ask actors who are ugly to apply. Because hey, if the actor knows they’re ugly and they are applying, the responsibility lies solely with them.