How do other countries run with high prices of fuel?


Other countries pay 7 dollars a gallon for fuel, the US pays 4 a gallon. How do other countries function with such high fuel prices? How do things get transported? How does the economy run?

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Where do they have 7 $ a Liter ?! 😱

Can’t talk about other regions, but for Europe:

* People drive more efficient cars (pickups are nearly non-existent in Europe).

* The distances are generally shorter than in the US and more of the continent is accessible by sea or train (important for freight transport)

* It’s really not that big of a difference. Yeah we pay nore for fuel, but it doesn’t mean the whole economy will stop functioning if one part of transport costs more.

Prices in the UK at the moment are about £1.80/L, so about 8.5 dollars per US gallon.

We generally operate smaller, more fuel efficient cars. We drive shorter distances – our towns and cities are more compact, and distances between things are often smaller.

And while fuel is more expensive we have other areas where our costs are much lower. Yes, I might have to spend a couple of thousand more in fuel per year than an American, but I don’t have to worry about crippling healthcare bills, our cost of living in terms of rent is on average lower, etc. A large part of that higher fuel cost is tax, which in theory buys us a range of other benefits such as transport infrastructure work, public transport subsidisation, etc.

The vehicles are more fuel efficient because we are used to the prices, but also we are used to the price, it is a jump in price that people find difficult not the price itself.

I see others have all noted better fuel efficiency. Let me put that into context. I drive a Range Rover Velar in the U.K. On motorways at 70mph I get well over 50mpg. I looked up the figures for the USA and the official highway MPG is 26

Even accounting for our gallon being a bit bigger than yours, that’s a huge difference.