How do smartwatches count your steps ?


How do smartwatches and phones count your steps & calories burnt ??

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Smartwatches have sensors that can detect movement (accelerometers).

These sensors can tell when you’ve taken a step by measuring the ‘bounce’ each step takes. They can also detect your arm swing, and fancier watches can detect air pressure for when you’re going up and down steps or stairs.

Couple that with a GPS and the watch can tell how many steps you’ve taken and how long it took you to travel.

they have a 3 axis accelerometer in them. It measures the accelerations that take place in the x,y and z. So it can tell when you are standing still, walking and running and measures it! That mixed with the software on your smart phone that you have personalized. With all that together it puts the information through an algorithm and comes out with information such as steps taken, calories burned and all that.

The other two have already provided solid answers. I got nothing to add there except that the calorie count is everything but accurate.
It’s a very educated guess but it is (and most likely will never be) 100% accurate.