How do they colour the black and white video footage from past.


It’s been done for a while now and I never able to wrap my head around it.

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The old-school way looks at paintings, rare color photographs or writing from the time and applies those colors to the B&W footage. Most of the videos like this you’ve probably seen recently are generated by AI algorithms though, and aren’t verifiable, they’re just the best guess of the AI based on the footage it’s been trained upon.

In the ‘olden days’ people hand painted the film using knowledge of what the subject of the film was of, but modern days, the film is digitised and AI looks at the subject of the film then using information gathered from multiple resources adds colour. Humans then verify the footage and can make changes if they think that AI has made a bad judgement.
AI then uses this human intervention to continue learning.

Really good guesses and paint by number pretty much.

With most black and white pictures you can make a guess what alot of the colour was. Then just super impose the colours you selected with a computer algorithm that just paints by number pretty much.

Guesswork and description of events…

On the technical side, each color on the greyscale, a correspondent color range of specific things, skin tone has a range of colors, eye colors, clothing of the era

There are things that are fix others are just artistic guessing