How do trauma induced hallucinations manifest in the mind? And how/why does our sight allow elaborate hallucinations to betray reality like this?


To elaborate, why does our sight project these hallucinations even without visual impairment? It’s bizarre to me how one’s version of reality can be distorted like that and the body reacts to how disturbed the individual’s mind is.

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Buckle up cuz here we go.

So basically your eyeballs intake light and that information is translated into an electrical signal that is sent to your brain.

Your brain then translate that electrical signal into what you interpret as Vision but subject to the encryption for lack of a better term and decryption of that subject matter across the optical nerve.

Basically every single thing you see is subject to neural editing. If your brain is convinced that something is there it will insert it into that neural editing.

One thing that must be taken into account is the fact that Consciousness and perception is not understood.

We have no f****** clue what actually gives consciousness. Since perception is an aspect of Consciousness we don’t really truly understand how it works either.

We can confirm that human perception particularly in the realm of perceived memory is somewhat subject to inaccuracy.

We can explain roughly how I site works as I have done but we don’t know why it works in the way that it does.

When the traumatic experience is stored in your memory your brain stores more of the emotional and perceptional experience than it stores of the context. (E.g. fear and pain over what you were doing before)

The traumatic memory can get recalled at a later date. Since the context isnt stored, the person suddenly experiences mostly the emotions and perceptional experience again. Most of the context isnt stored, so cant be retrieved.

This can at times be called a hallucination. The person experiences the memory as if it is happening at this moment.

As for the second part of your question. Your sight doesnt allow anything. The brain perceives the hallucination which makes it reality for the person. It can be triggered by certain things and isnt voluntary.

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Ive only learned about hallucinations and trauma when related to psychoses, so im not sure whether non-psychotic people are able to have true hallucinations with trauma. But when psychotic, people might sooner experience the reliving of their trauma as being a thing that is actually happening right now.