How do we have the ability to blur our vision on command?


How do we have the ability to blur our vision on command?

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It depends how you’re blurring your vision.

Squinting blurs your vision because you’ve quite literally shrunk the area that light can get into your eye. This decreases your eye’s ability to see.

If you focus on something super close to your face, you’re “blurring” your vision by taking advantage of a normal eye function. You’re just changing where you focus your eyes.

You can also “blur” your vision by crossing your eyes a little bit. When your brain receives two competing inputs from your eyes, it tends to “ignore” some of that information.

By crossing your eyes, inward –>0|0<— or outward <—0 | 0–> , you take your eyes out of sync. The eyes are no longer focusing on the same field of view/object, thus creating this blurred effect.

Also, any liquid or small object will also distort your vision. Reason being is that even though both of your eyes are trying to focus on the same field of view/object, the liquid/small object in your eye is obstructing a perfect picture. Your eyes combine a picture from your left eye and your right eye to make 1 combined picture. This creates the one picture when you see regular. Any distortion to any eye will create a blurry vision.

in a way, we really don’t.

anything that sees with a lense is gonna have what’s called “focal length”. this is the distance away from the “camera” (in this case your eye) at which things come into focus.

think of depth of field in a video game, where the thing your cursor is over is in focus, but all the background is blurry. that’s a simulation of focal length.

when you look at something, you’re telling your eyes to set their focal length so as to bring that thing into focus. everything else that’s significantly closer or further from you, will actually be blurry (you just dont normally think about it because youre not usually trying to mentally think about those things).

when you “blur” your eyes, what youre really doing is trying to focus on the air that’s right in front of your face. because youre focused on a point closer to you than everything else in your view, everything else goes blurry because its all outside of your focal length.

if you blur your vision and put your hand out in front of you and play with how far away from your face it is, you’ll find that even when you’re “blurred”, there’s a point where your hand finally does come into focus. thats the place your eyes are actually focused on, and when nothing but air is there, you dont comprehend that, since you can’t see air.