How do we know so much about dinosaurs when all we have are their bones?


How do we know so much about dinosaurs when all we have are their bones?

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Bones tell you plenty. Due to the study of anatomy over centuries we know where muscles, tendons and ligaments attach. We know reptiles are different than mammals. Carnivore vs. herbivore. Age from rock geology. So we actually can infer tons about dinos.

A lot is inferred but there’s so much to that is still unknown, color, behaviours, what they sounded like, etc.

Its a lot of speculation. I think mostly based on what can be seen in todays animals and appalying that to how animals back than should probably have worked too

That isn’t all we have. We’ve found spoor, skin, eggs, nests, fossil imprints, hell even a whole mummified one.

Really, we don’t.

We make educated guesses and inferences, based on direct observations we make today.

Also – we don’t have their bones. We have fossilized remains. Some are in the shape of bones, and as u/drewathome points out, anatomical comparative study indicates certain bone forms dictate what their function was.

Tooth shapes indicate diet type, rib cage and tail shapes speak to anatomic comfort positions and general posture.

Then, from general posture and diet, we can make another guess at food collection style (predator / prey, stalkers vs. ambush, grazing vs. binging) and other behaviors such as familial bonding, youth rearing, etc.