How does a bionic arm work?


How does the wearer control the fingers and movement with their mind considering it’s not their arm?

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Myoelectric prosthesis are connected to your body by electrodes on the skin or in the remaining muscles of the limb you lost.
If you try to move your missing limb, your brain will still send an electric signal through nerves. The electrodes will sense and transmit the electric signals to your prosthetic arm whose electronic parts will « decypher » and make your prosthesis move according to what you wanted.

But it gets better ! If you completely lost your arm, for example, your nerves that would have gone in your arm can be surgically re-wired to you pectoral area, so that when you « move » your limb with your brain, the information goes in your pectoral muscle, where the electrodes of the bionic arm will catch it.
Technology is pretty sweet in the 21st century !