How does a callus know to keep growing thick and hard?


When you get a callus, if you shave it off it grows back to the same thickness. How does the skin know that in the area its job is to be thick and rough now? How does it know how much you shaved off and to grow back that much?

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It doesn’t “know” that. It is actively Reacting to your environment.

When you work with your hands-in whatever way, lifting weights, swinging an axe, carrying things, whatever-you cause Tony tears and damage to your skin.

Calluses form as a response to that area of your skin being repeatedly damaged like this, not because it “knows” you need a callus there ahead of time. So if you stopped damaging your skin, your body would stop forming calluses. There are just some places on the body that get used and damaged a lot, like the palm/fingers of your hands.

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It grows enough to protect the area from repeated injury. If you are growing a callus you are repeatedly injuring that spot. Getting rid of the callus gets rid of the protection but not the cause. If you keep doing the same activity you will continue to cause the same injury and the body will continue to protect itself in the same way. If you stop the activity the callus will eventually go away on its own as the body won’t need it anymore.


Every time your foot hits the floor it whispers softly to it, come back thicker and stronger. So, the more you walk the thicker it gets! Just Joshing, as you use the skin it gets more compacted together. IF you shave some off but continue using the skin a lot it will of course grow back. IF you shave it off and do not use the skin so much it won’t come back.