How does a car measure the outside temperature at speed, without it skewing for windchill or engine/surface heat?


How does a car measure the outside temperature at speed, without it skewing for windchill or engine/surface heat?

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Windchill is the effect of a warmer body losing heat to the colder air moving over it.
If you see “feels like XX temperature” that is also a similar reading of Windchill. The wind chill temperatures are included because it’s important for warm things, like the humans reading it planning what jacket to take with them or knowing how long they can be outside without their extremities freezing. Wind will not make a *dry* thermometer any colder than ambient temperature.

Thermometers have no internal heat source to be warmer than the ambient air, and as such have no issues with wind chill. They just equalize to the temperate of the air.

temperature sensors don’t measure wind chill. Wind chill is what you feel due to the wind blowing away your body heat. The ambient temperature sensor is located at the front of the car in front of the radiator and the condenser. As long as the car is moving forward it is getting fresh air. At low speeds at at stops, the radiator fan turns on drawing fresh air across it.

Thou the wind is moving faster, and feels cooler to the touch, it’s not a different temperature.

The cooler/warmer feeling from touching things like metals or moving air at ambient temperature is due to the faster transfer of heat.

The thermometer will still be able to accurately measure the temperature of the air, even more quickly, while the air is moving.

Actually, having the car not moving is more likely to provide a less accurate temperature reading. The air staying stagnant in the area of the thermometer could be heated by the pavement or engine. If the air isn’t moving, that warmer air is sticking around a while.

The temperature sensor is typically installed either in the front bumper or in the side view mirror. Either location provides some protection from wind/airspeed effects and is out of the way from the engine. You may notice that after you get your car washed that the temperature drops for a bit and that’s due to evaporative cooling on the temperature sensor..

Windchill is a mammal thing, we are hotter than our environment most of the time and do things like sweat to cool off. Thermometers don’t. The car actually needs the temperature to calculate the air density, which is important to put the right amount of gas in the cylinder. That’s why the onboard computer has a temperature sensor in the shade of the air plenum, showing the driver is a no-cost bonus feature.