How does a combo drive work, and can I choose where data is stored?


Ordered a new PC, and it comes with a 1 TB SSD/2 TB HDD combo drive. It’ll be the first time I’m getting one, and I’d like to know how it works.

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It is really strange phrasing but I would believe it is a 1tb ssd separate from a 2tb hard drive. They are two separate pieces inside the computer case

They will appear as two separate folders on your computer so the SSD would be C: and the HDD would be D: for example. When installing things it will have a path

ex. C:/users/downloads/thinguoureinstalling

If you want it on the D: then you hit browse and go to where you want in that folder/drive.

Suggestions: Pictures, videos, games that don’t have long load times on the 2tb HDD and everything you need to load fast on the SSD