How does a cyclotron particle accelerator work?


I’m looking to make a small cyclotron particle accelerator as a project but part of the presentation is explaining how and why it works to my class who knows nothing about it. I’d like to explain using little to no scientific language.

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The basics are that it uses an extremely large amount of energy to accelerate atomic particles using a very strong magnetic field. It accelerates these until they are as close to the speed of light that they can and then slam them together and using other very expensive equipment, see what new particles have been created by the collision.

I am not sure it is feasible for you to build even a rudimentary particle accelerator if you have no knowledge of how one works. Or have billions of dollars laying around.

I have a decent understanding of how particle accelerators work. Was just looking for other points of view on how to explain it and teach it to others. Thanks for your help and if you have any other insight would love to hear it.