How does a wind turbine farm work collectively, and it is normal to see only a few turbines out of a whole farm working?


Every time I’ve driven past a particular wind turbine farm outside of Evanston, Wyoming, I only see 2-3 turbines turning very slowly. Is this because they are efficient enough that a couple of the entire farm are only needed under normal conditions, and the rest are there for some kind of surge capability?

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When there’s too little wind (less than 3m/s) the running of those turbines somehow eat more power than they generate. So most get switched off / stopped with a few still running to get a reading on when it would be worth it again to switch on the rest.

On the other hand yes, when there’s a good strong wind and not all turbines are running, that means that the ones that run produce enough power to supply the demand.

Several reasons: supply surplus leads to switching off turbines; bad wind farm design with turbines too close together (which forces the turbine on the Lee side to shut off because of not enough wind); maintenance and repair.