How does Alcohol percentage work?


Trying to figure this out, I drank an 8% Stout. Is this the same as drinking two 4% beers or am I stupid?

Quick edit: I drink three 8% stouts, I assume this is the equivalent of six 4% beers of the same volume?

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Assuming the volume is the same yes. For every 100 gallons 4 percent would have 4 gallons of alcohol and 8 percent would have 8 gallons of alcohol

If they’re all the same volume, it’s the same amount of alcohol. Two 4% beers would be more total liquid though, which can affect how you metabolize it.

It is not the same.

In terms of total ml or l or whatever alcohol ingested, sure, drinking one 8% drink would give you the same as two 4% drinks.

However, you’d also get almost double the non-alcohol liquid

If something is a percentage of something else, it means “parts per hundred” (per-cent, cent is one hundred like in dollar cents) so 4 percent means 4 parts per 100 – – > 4 oz of alcohol per 100oz of drink

Abv is alcohol by volume. So 350ml of beer at 4% would be 14ml of alcohol. At 8% it would be 28ml. So yes (as long as you consume the same overall volume of beer)

That’s correct.

The alcohol percentage given on a bottle indicates the volume of the drink that is alcohol. So, a 100 mL bottle with alcohol percentage 8% contains 8mL alcohol. That’s the same as drinking two 100 mL bottles of a 4% drink, which each contain 4 mL alcohol. Note that this only works out to the same amount of alcohol if the bottles are all the same total volume (100 mL).

So as you say, if the bottles are all the same volume, three 8% bottles contain contain the same amount of alcohol as six 4% bottles.