How does attractiveness work? Does “conventional” attraction exist?


Are our brains wired to find certain features attractive? What makes a person prefer one thing over another? And are there features (white teeth, flat stomach, long hair, etc) that are scientifically supported to be universally desirable? If so, how does this work?

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Some things are biological like wide hips = big babies and other things would be cultural like how in the olden days wealthy ppl used to paint there face white where as nowadays tan is seen as more attractive

Half dozen of one, six of another.

Some basics. Symmetry for example. Arguably some peoples brains and body chemistry is hard wired as well. A lot through? Learned from rather than hard wired. What is considered beautiful, in fashion and desireable changes through time and culture.

Conventional only applies to the context of the culture they live in, because we judge based upon what is around us.

On a physical It’s all about how much you look like someone who is regarded as attractive by the mainstream consciousness, usually dictated by media and advertising but can also be ability based. For example if someone as of an atypical appearance but a well known actor then they will be seen as attractive by the media, especially if they have a good PR firm to push such stories. You’re appearance is everything from how you look to what you wear.There are plenty of people who ignore what they are told is attractive and will focus more on what they prefer but these people are denounced as “weirdos” by the mainstream media and are as such deemed unattractive in a non-physical sense and that’s what we call a segue.

In a non-physical sense it’s a bit different, being nerdy about science, computers or games is not OK but sports, cars, fashion and pop music are OK. Liking things that are “cool” (also dictated by the media of course) is also what the mainstream deem as attractive.
There are also plenty of people who ignore this too though and focus on stuff they want to see in people not what they are told is good in people.

For example if you wore flares and open necked shirts while being interested in disco in the 70’s you were cool, do it in any decade not the 70’s and you aren’t and therefore aren’t attractive, yet there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear what you want when you want or have any musical interest apart from the fact it’s been dictated to the masses that it’s not cool.