How does bread mold instead of becoming alcoholic?


Like, how do the spores get there in the first place? Wouldn’t the yeast in the bread ferment with time and turn the bread alcoholic?

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The yeast in the bread dough was all killed during the baking process. Yeast doesn’t become mold.

Mold comes from spores in the air or on surfaces. no matter how clean your home is, there’s natural mold spores floating around all the time. those spores eventually land on the bread and eventually begin to grow mold.

So the yeasties eat sugar and poop out carbon dioxide and alcohol. They put a little bit of yeast in the bread so they can poop in your bread and make bubbles. The bubbles make it rise. THen you have nice fluffy yeast poop bread.

For beer, they poop out lots of carbon dioxide and alcohol. Yeast, the pet that poops alcohol!

But mold is a different type of fungus. They don’t work the same way. They’ll eat and break stuff down, but they don’t fart out that beautiful alcohol.

The mold on your bread is some random mold that onto the bread and multiplied.

Part 1: Yeast are living ~~animals~~ fungi. They are killed by baking the bread. There is zero living yeast left by the time it’s bread. Dead yeast don’t do any fermentation, they’re dead.

Part 2: The mold that grows on bread grows from spores that land on the bread after it is baked. The spores came from the countertop, the air, and the hands of anyone touching the bread.