How does commuting and being stuck in traffic makes a human body tired?


I live in a place where traffic jams happen due to a lot of cars and poor road regulations and enforcing. Even if I sit down in a public utility vehicle, it makes me tired and drench in sweat.

I don’t understand how humans get tired and sick just by sitting and enduring the long traffic?


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You’re mentally focused, normally on surroundings. Cars moving, noise, etc. I commute using a motorbike 90 mins each way daily. Filtering through cars takes a lot of energy out of me, but it beats the same by car for a 3hr journey.

Perhaps mental? We associate this environment with being tired or annoyed whereas when we’re moving you mentally know you’re getting closer and closer to home. Physically speaking there’s no difference because you’re just sitting in both cases.

You have to be hyper aware when operating a vehicle. Constant eye movement, determining distances, safety zones, staying in lane, using correct signals. You’re making hundreds of micro corrections to the steering wheel every minute and you probably don’t even realize it. Also it’s like a mad game of chess with other drivers. This is why you get tired after driving. Mostly mental, but also some physical.

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You don’t realize it, but just sitting in a moving vehicle takes effort on your part!

Every time the vehicle turns, you have to use muscles to stay upright.

Imagine a 5 gallon bagful of orange juice on a seat. When the car turns right, the bagful of orange juice will want to slosh to the left.

You don’t want to slosh, so you have to use your abdominal, leg, and other muscles to stay upright.

This is true for turns, for accelerating and decelerating, even while driving in a constant speed, because there are tiny movements the vehicle makes, which your muscles subconsciously account for.

Over time, you get tired from all this muscle use!

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