How does composting work? How is it beneficial? What does it do?


I’ve literally even gone on pbs kids to try and understand…but I still don’t get the point and how its beneficial. It decomposes scraps right? Is it into the soil do they regrow?

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By composting food scraps, you are giving the food to bacteria to eat

Bacteria poops out all sorts of stuff that plants love eating.

The process however also creates a lot of heat and temporary nasty stuff that could kill plants.

So you wait until composting process is done and take the remaining stuff, now compost, and give it to plants to eat.

When plants grow up, you can now eat the plants.

Tldr: Composting is good because it turns stuff we throw away into useful food for plants.

Composting is controlled decay of organic matter into compost, which is nutrient-dense soil. Decaying is the breaking down of organic matter by little microbeasties (bacteria, protozoa, bugs, small mammals, etc) into smaller and smaller bits of organic matter, until they are all tiny and brownish, i.e. dirt. Basically, like, fundamentally…. everything is poop.