: How does Ejaculate/Semen Production and Storage work (NNN edition)


EDIT: Apparently, you guys didn’t like this post/question(s)? What did I do wrong?

1. How much, How frequently, and Where is it stored, Is testosterone a major ingredient?
2. Does Semen/ejaculate get produced continually infinitely?
3. Is there a point where the Volume of ejaculate stored becomes constant?
4. How long until it reaches this maximum volume and is a mega nut possible?

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You can look most of this up and get satisfactory answers online. It’s also a bit silly.

1. Millions of cells are made everyday, they’re in tubes in the testicles. Testosterone is a hormone, it plays a role in turning germ cells into sperm cells, but is not what turns into sperm.

2. In a healthy male it is produced until they die, however sperm quality severely decreases after a while, and may not produce as healthy of an offspring.

3. Semen, the stuff that’s ejaculated, is not just sperm, it has seminal fluid, which is only produced upon stimulation, which is why a man can’t just ejaculate whenever. The amount of sperm cells in the body might reach a limit, at which point every sperm cell being reabsorbed will be replaced.

4. There is no mega nut, you can’t not jerk it and end up with more fluid because of what I said in 3. At best you’ll retain some of your sperm count and have a healthier ejaculate after not ejaculating for a while, at worst you’ll stress your prostate.