How does grease/dirt on your skin go away when you don’t wash it?


Imagine you’re sitting somewhere eating chips. You don’t have access to wet wipes or a toilet, so all the grease sits on your hands. However, after a bit of time, your hands feel clean again, or at least it feels significantly less greasy.

Or you apply lotion to your hands, and after a while the same thing happens.

What happens here? Does it just evaporate or do our hands/skin absorb them?

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A lot of it rubs off or just gets spread out by sweat and stuff.

Also we tend to forget it. Theres a whole ecosystem of microbiology on every inch of you. A fair bit gets eaten by microbes….in fact if you stop showering for quite a while at the correct diet snd such.. it tends to normalize and your microbiology does keep you quite clean, even the smell changes and becomes more pleasant as the more nasty smell promoting chemicals are just not part of that process at the time… as disgusting as that sounds. But it is a thing one can do theres even sprays and stuff to propagate healthier microbes for this, kind of its own hyper eco friendly offshoot of items and produce with the goal of keeping you clean and healthy without using lots of water.

The idea behind it sounds amazing, staying clean naturally… but i am not sure if i can live like that i like my showers

Other stuff just dries out and flakes off in the natural overturning of skin tissue.

Some stuff does get absorbed although that is probably the least of it. The skin is more or less a barrier after all.