How does having different directors change a film, considering they would be following the same script?


How does having different directors change a film, considering they would be following the same script?

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Each director will bring their own style. The words may be the same, but the shot, the look, the timing, color, etc will be unique. Imagine Wes Anderson directing Interstellar and Christopher Nolan directing Life Aquatic.

Directors coach the cast on delivery but they’re also hugely influential on the tone and even the script.

For example, while not all directors get final cut of the film, they work closely with the editor creating multiple cuts which then go through the studio system for sign off from producers.

They also hire the crew which includes people like the director of photography who are responsible for constructing the look of shots and lighting.

Basically, on set, a good director is like Rome, all roads must pass through them.

Directors can order script rewrites. They also make choices about lighting, shot angles, music, and acting. In essence they are the CEO of the movie, telling the other departments their vision for the movie.

Most famous and recent is Zak Snyder vs Joss Whedon in Justice League. Snyder’s vision was more serious, faded color schemes, and acting. Joss Whedon came in and added funny quips, cut certain scenes, added new ones, and changed the tone.

It’s like saying that when two cooks both make a dish from the same recipe the results will be exactly the same.

First, no one follows the script exactly. Something that sounds great on the page might seem silly when you try it in real life. Second, the directors will choose different actors, who will bring different interpretations to each role. Then there’s pacing. One director might make the build up to a fight very slow, to ramp up tension, while another will cut right to the action.

“I would like you to produce a artistic representation of a rabbit.”

Now think of all the various ways you can meet that basic command. A director would get to me a good chunk of similar decisions (including on occasion altering the directions / script.)