How does not buying plastic disposable items/meat make a difference?


This might seem like a stupid but aren’t they already made, waiting to be bought by someone else? How does not buying something make a difference?

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It’s the supply chain. If single use plastics sit on the shelf, the store doesn’t order more. If orders don’t come in, companies that make them, make less.

On the flip side, these single use plastics then don’t end up on landfills. They don’t end up as litter that will never biodegrade.

It’s not an immediate effect. It’s long term thinking that we need to use to get the full value of cutting as many single use plastics as possible.

If people buy less they will start making less. The stores and manufacturers don’t want to stock huge amount of products they make more products to replace what stocks they need to maintain for logistic reasons, so if less was purchased the supplies would back up and the manufacture would slow production and shift to making something else that was selling better.

Companies won’t continue making stuff that nobody’s going to buy. Reduce the demand, reduce the supply.

The problems with meat come more from factory farming and monocropping. You can put cows on a field with soil that will barely grow grass, they’ll eat the grass, shit fertilizer, and we get to eat the cows and drink their milk.

Then after a few years of cows shitting fertilizer everywhere the land becomes fertile and we can grow crops on it.

But we don’t do that. We stack cows in feed lots and grow grain in other fields to feed the cows. We have to dump tons of petroleum based fertilizer and round up on those fields. We also have to figure out what to do with all the cow shit from the feed lots. It’s one of the dumbest things we do as a society.

Also there’s only so much room to put the plastic. Only a tiny fraction gets recycled and then if it is recycled it can only be recycled max a few times before it’s trash. Landfills start to overflow and as we’ve seen the little bits that don’t get properly contained break down into tiny pieces and get into everything from the ocean to food to water